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The Transfer Project is a multi-country cash transfer research initiative. Established in 2008, the project is a collaborative network between UNICEF Innocenti, FAO, University of North Carolina, UNICEF Regional and Country Offices, national governments, and local research partners. The Transfer Project is a thought leader on cash transfers in Africa. We go beyond measuring typical economic outcomes to find out if and how cash transfers impact other aspects of people’s lives.

Recent Publications

A social worker takes notes while she speaks to a beneficiary

Do Conditional Cash Transfers Improve Mental Health?

This study examines the impacts of Tanzania’s government-run conditional cash transfer program on depressive symptoms of youth aged 14–28.

A market stall owner talks to a customer

More Evidence on the Impact of Government Social Protection in Sub Saharan Africa: Ghana, Malawi and Zimbabwe

46 countries in Africa have state-sponsored social protection. This paper presents evidence on the overall impacts of state-sponsored cash transfer programmes in three countries.

A woman carries fruit in a basket on her head

Urban cash transfers and poverty in Ghana

Using data from Ghana, this study simulates the monetary poverty effects of changing eligibility conditions, unitary benefits, and the composition of cash transfers.