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One of the goals of the Transfer Project is to use evidence to encourage learning and the development of cash transfer policies and programmes. To facilitate this, our datasets from in-country evaluations are publicly available. Check back again as we frequently update this page with new data.




Further Information

All Transfer Project datasets are available through the University of North Carolina’s CPC Data Portal.

More datasets will be available soon!

Please note: Not all datasets are currently available to the public, although the Transfer Project’s staff are preparing more data for release. Non-sensitive data are available for download upon approval of a restricted use application, which comprises a data request form, a data use agreement and a security pledge. Sensitive data are likewise available to qualified researchers through an additional process of obtaining an IRB approval and providing a satisfactory data security plan. Available datasets vary by country and wave of the data collection, and may be designated “sensitive” due to inclusion of birth day and month, sexual history, or other medical information.

For more information, please see the Transfer Project’s Guidelines for Data Release, Analysis and Publication.