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Madagascar conditional cash transfer on secondary school and transition – Let Us Learn

Year Programme Began:2016
Implementing Ministry:Ministry of Population, Social protection and Women promoting and Fonds d’intervention pour le developpement
Target Group:Most vulnerable households with children enrolled in last grade of primary school or in age to be enrolled in secondary school
Conditions:Attending 80% of time for secondary school
Approximate Reach (as of 2015):5,900 households (11,368 beneficiaries)

The conditional cash transfer Let Us Learn (CCT LUL) was launched on October 2016 in 5 region of Madagascar, by the Ministry of Population, Social Protection, and Fonds d’intervention pour le development with the support from UNICEF. The goal of CCT LUL is to improve enrollment of children to secondary school by facilitating transition and retention.

The CCT LUL operates in 6 districts (Betioky sud in Astimo Andrefana, Vohipeno in Vatovavy Fitovinany, Mahanoro and Toamasina II in Atsinanana, Ambohimaosa in Haute Matsiatra, Faratsiho in Vankinakaratra) providing timely and predictable monthly cash transfers of 10,000 MGA ($3.12 per child enrolled in first level of secondary school up to maximum 2 children. Households with children in last grad of primary school receive an additional bonus of 20,000 MGA ($6.24) once a year to achieve primary school and pass the final exam.

Beneficiary households are those with children enrolled in last grade of primary school or in age to be enrolled in secondary school among households receiving a CCT floor already implemented by the government (10,000 MGA/ $3.12 per child under 5 and 5,000 MGA per child in primary school) called human development cash transfer (TMDH) which constitutes the basis for all cash transfer implemented in the country in line with the national social protection policy launched on September 2015.

Beneficiary households were selected through a community-based targeting process, facilitated by the social protection committee, the primary social protection structure at community level, in cooperation with Fonds intervention pour le development. The programme reaches 5,900 households (11,368 beneficiaries).

Type Title Theme(s) Year Citation
Brief The Cost of Social Cash Transfer Programs in sub-Saharan Africa Programme Evaluation and Design 2013

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Let us Learn: CCT on Secondary School & Transition, Baseline 2016

Let Us Learn Cash Transfer Supplement Programme

Data Collection
    Years: 2016-2020
    Sample Size: 4,484 households at baseline, 2,799 LUL-eligible
    Location: Malagasy, Ndao Hianatra
Evaluation Design: Mixed-methods, multi-armed, randomized control trial design
Key Partners/Implementers:

American Institutes for Research (AIR)




UNICEF Madagascar


Impact Evaluation of UNICEF's Let Us Learn Cash Transfer Supplement Programme in Madagascar Baseline Report, English

Interventions dans le cadre du fonds additionnel du FSS nutrition et filets sociaux de securite dans le sud de Madagascar Baseline Report - French