Cash transfer programLesotho's Child Grants Programme (CGP)

Year Programme Began: 2009
Implementing Ministry: Ministry of Social Development
Target Group: Poor households with orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)
Conditions: None
Approximate Reach (as of 2015): 25,000 households

The Lesotho Child Grants Programme (CGP) provides an unconditional cash transfer to poor and vulnerable households with the primary objective of improving the living standards of Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) through better nutrition and health status and increase school enrolment. The CGP is targeted at poor households with children, including child headed households. Households are paid quarterly with benefit sizes varying according to the number of children in the household. In mid-2015 the quarterly benefit size was approximately US$36 for 1-2 children, US$60 for 3-4 children and US$75 for 5+ children. Poverty eligibility is based on a proxy means score using the National Information System for Social Assistance (NISSA) plus a community validation.